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What is CALL? (It's YOU!) or ...
Computer Assisted Language Literacy

by Vance Stevens
Department of Computing, The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plenary address given at the annual CALL Conference "Technology CALLs You"
held at the Ankara University Development Foundation Schools, April 14, 2007

This talk draws from my Sunday, April 1, 2007 blog post: What is CALL: Computer Assisted Language and Literacy http://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2007/04/what-is-call-computer-assisted-language.html.

This presentation is online

Where can YOU webcast? Webheads presentation tools

Learning Times http://www.learningtimes.org Create an acct for free Have access to library of digital media content Webheads Meeting room is at http://tinyurl.com/y3eh Alado http://www.alado.net/webheads Long-time supporter of Webheads and other charitable learning initiatives

Who are Webheads?

What's a podcast?

What is Web 2.0?


What’s wrong with this picture?

Why Computer-assisted Language and Literacy?

CALL is only partially, if any longer …

Seamlessness: Computers are (or should be) no longer the focus of CALL activities

CALL should build on basic computer skills and literacies that are transferable across curriculum and beyond into lifetime learning and productivity

Why should Literacy replace Learning in the acronym CALL?

Literacy: the KEY, and ANCHOR, to CALL development

How teachers can acquire literacy skills through free online professional development

  1. Free training available annually: e.g TESOL Electronic Village Online http://evo07sessions.pbwiki.com/
  2. Free online conferences such as K-12 Online http://k12onlineconference.org/ (next one in October, 2007) and Webheads in Action Online Convergence May 18-20 http://wiaoc.org
  3. Subscribe to Podcasts; e.g. Worldbridges http://www.worldbridges.net
  4. Join Communities of Practice: e.g. Webheads http://webheads.info

Of decreasing imporance - Attending F2F conferences such as this one

Community of Practice Approach: How Webheads got to Turkey

What’s the connection with China?

Conclusions: Desireable Characteristics of CALL

What tools meet these criteria?

Media production


MUVE’s: Multi-user virtual environments

Facebook http://www.facebook.com / MySpace

Second Life http://www.secondlife.com

This presentation link: http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/efi/papers/ankara2007/whatiscall.htm
or http://tinyurl.com/yvx6yd

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